Advanced programming of automotive safety system

TechZone specializes in programming and calibration of many vehicle systems including Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) which includes radar cruise, pre-collision, lane departure, and blind spot systems. We have the equipment for most vehicle manufactures. Additionally, we program and calibrate systems such as power steering, lighting, park assist, and many more. All our services are available in your shop or ours.


  • We make programming convenient for you
  • No trips to the dealer, your shop or ours
  • Latest equipment and training
  • Detailed electronic invoice emailed for your files



  • Is the Service the Same as the Dealer?

    Yes and no.  Our technicians bring OEM tools to your shop to program modules and/or components, but unlike the dealer, we program the cars in your bay saving you a trip to the dealer.

  • Do I Need to Purchase Tools?

    No.  All TechZone mobile technicians bring their own tools to your shop and we constantly update our tool set to stay current with new makes, models and technologies.

  • Do You Provide Phone Support or Internet Programming?

    No.  TechZone is a full service sublet so our certified technicians will come in-person to your shop to program your cars.  We take care of the complete job so you don’t waste staffing time trying to follow directions from a phone technician.

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