Air bag and Safety Restraint system repair

We have been a trusted airbag sublet to the collision industry for over 25 years. We have built our reputation by providing specialized services to our collision and insurance customers, so they can deliver the customer a safe repair.

Cost push-backs put you in an awkward position, the air bags and other SRS components are one of the most advanced systems on the vehicle, not areas where you want to work outside of your expertise.  Crash patterns are unique, and the electronics involved can make diagnostics difficult.

Incorrect repairs are literally tragic. 

Our reputation in the industry is trusted by major insurance carriers, and it is not uncommon for us to be called in by insurance to inspect repairs by others.  Rather than have us over your shoulder at the end of the job or having to tow the car to the dealer, get us at your side for thorough evaluation and estimate upfront.

Wrong or Missing Parts delay Airbag System Repairs

Our detail and itemized diagnostics give you the correct parts up front. Airbag components are expensive, know your true cost. Don’t delay your repair, have the correct parts. Save time and money.

Our technicians diagnose air bag and electrical system problems on thousands of vehicles a year.  As your sublet, we bring this experience to your shop on your schedule.

Keep your cycle time and severity ratings down.  You get a justifiable estimate for insurance.  Most importantly, the vehicle owner gets an Airbag System ready to deploy when they need it most.


TechZone aka Airbag Service since 1992

  • Occupant classification system calibrations
  • Acceleration sensor calibrations
  • Airbag controller programming and set-up
  • Repair and replacement of all manufactured systems
  • Experienced Technicians



  • Will Insurance Clear a Sublet?

    It depends upon the repair complexity, the adjuster and the insurance company. It is not uncommon for us to be called by insurance adjusters to fix incorrect repairs so if you feel the repair is outside of your standard capability, call us and we will help you work with the insurance company to clear use of a sublet.

  • Is Your Service the Same as the Dealer?

    Yes and no. We have the same OEM scan tools, but you get additional convenience and expertise. Our technicians are mobile so come to your shop. They are also experienced and backed by a nation-wide database of airbag/SRS repairs so may have technical skill beyond what you find at the dealer.

  • Do You Provide Phone Technical Support?

    No. TechZone is a full service sublet. Our technicians bring their tools to the shop and they perform the work. All you need to do is call us to schedule service.

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