dash board pulled from Mercedes

TechZone has been pulling dashboards for over twenty-five years. Dashboards and steering columns contain air bags – one of our many areas of expertise.

When we pull your dash we can also repair wiring and clean-up broken glass in ducting, and replace HVAC components. We rebuilt seats and replace any interior components you at your shop or ours.

On your next dash R&I or interior replacement contact TechZone for an estimate.


  • Remove dash boards for collision repairs
  • Replace damaged dash boards
  • Broken glass clean-up in dash and ventilation systems
  • Replace damaged HVAC components
  • Steering column removal and replacement
  • Complete interior replacement and removal
  • Complete seat rebuilds and upholstery replacement


One Call Does it All!


  • Do You Perform Theft Repairs?

    Yes. Theft damage often requires restorative as well as electrical repairs. Our mobile technicians can handle the entire repair right in your shop.

  • Do I need to make separate appointments for scanning, diagnostics, and repair?

    No.  TechZone can resolve all your needs with one call.

  • Will You Clear the Light My Interior Repair Sublet Triggered?

    Yes. We will perform diagnostics, calibration and code clears for dashboards and interior repairs you do or you send to a different sublet. However, we recommend you try our complete service next time and save yourself lost cycle time and double paperwork.

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