Shaun repairing Tesla electric vehicle

We have been servicing hybrid and electric vehicles since they hit the road.

The industry has caught up and training has helped keep us all safe, but the additional electronics in a hybrid can cause the less experienced technician difficulty. That costs your shop time and money.

TechZone has been a trusted electrical and safety system sublet for over twenty-five years, so when hybrids hit the market it was natural we would be your sublet.  Our network of technicians share information across makes, models and years, an important feature to avoid expensive mistakes.  And because we’ve been doing this since hybrids hit the market, our experience ranges from the top-selling Toyota Prius to exotic electric performance vehicles.

If hybrid vehicles are outside of your regular business, contact your local TechZone and sublet the repair.  You and your customer will appreciate our expertise.


  • Disable and enable high voltage systems
  • Removal and replacement of high voltage invertors
  • Removal of high voltage batteries
  • Initialization of hybrid and electric systems


  • Can your techs trouble-shoot electrical issues?

    TechZone only hires experienced technicians and we have some that are very good at electrical trouble-shooting. Give us a call and we’ll let you know if we’ve heard of your problem or discuss sending a tech out to help you.

  • Can I Talk to a Local Technician or Do I Have to Go Through a Call Center?

    When you call TechZone you’re talking to your local technician. We don’t even have a call center. You get excellent customer service when you call TechZone because we’re locally owned and we care about you and your business.

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