automotive wire harnesses and pigtail connectors

Should You Repair it or Replace It?

Wire harness repair can help save a total loss vehicle and reduce claim severity. TechZone performs on vehicle harness repair at your shop or ours rather than removing and shipping the harness cross country to be remanufactured or replacing new, shaving days off your cycle time.

Almost 80% of the harnesses we repair are done on the vehicle reducing severity and cycle.

Nearly all OEMs have released bulletins that allow wire harness repairs following their procedures. BMW states that they see less overall problems to the vehicle when the harness is properly repaired rather than replaced because replacement is so invasive.

Unsure if a harness can be repaired? 

Contact TechZone for an Evaluation

Save on total loss and severity, most vehicle harnesses can be repaired to OEM standards on the vehicle. Give us a call before you buy a harness, save a dealer trip for harness replacement.

Dealers love to sell harnesses!


  • On vehicle harness repair
  • Fuse block replacement
  • Complete harness replacement- labor up to 50% less than dealers
  • We stock thousands of connector pigtails
  • We have OEM sources for hard to find connectors
  • We have up-to-date knowledge of manufacture repair procedures
  • We have 25 + years working with the insurance industry to justify it as a safe and responsible repair
  • We provide service at your shop or ours – flexibility, no removal and harness shipping for you
  • We guarantee the work, so you and your customer get peace of mind the repair is safe


  • Do I have to ship the harness to you for repairs?

    No. TechZone is a full-service mobile sublet so our technicians will either fix the harness in your shop, or if you prefer, take it back to our shop to make the repairs. Either way you never pay or wait for shipping.

  • Will Insurance Allow a Repair?

    Wire harness repair is becoming common in the industry, but allowable repairs will still depend upon the damage, the insurance adjuster and the insurance company. We’ve done harness repairs for many years, so if you’re unsure, give us call to discuss your situation.

  • Do You Hold Inventory in Connectors?

    We do hold some connector inventory, but we also source connectors on demand. Give us a call and let us know what connector you’re looking for and we’ll give you a specific answer.

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