Glass Shops – Leave the ADAS Calibration to Us!

Mobile Glass installers we are here for you. We have developed partnerships with auto glass shops since ADAS calibrations were required for windshield replacement. 80% of windshields are replaced by a mobile technician. To retain those customers for you into the future, we offer calibrations centers. Our glass partners have been very pleased with our high level of service and their increased revenues.

TechZone Partnership Benefits

  • Increased business and revenues
  • Referral programs
  • You are ready for the vehicles of the future
  • No expensive equipment and software to buy
  • Electronic invoicing and report documentation for customer insurance reimbursement
  • Convenient, locations for your customers

As more and more ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) features become standard on more vehicles, simple windshield replacement is no longer simple.  Does the vehicle have rain sensing wipers? Windshield replacement may necessitate wiper system calibration as well.

After windshield replacement or even temporary disconnect or disturbance of the camera, ADAS calibration (or ADAS re-calibration to be more precise) is a necessity. A misaligned Lane Departure camera will not illuminate a warning light or set trouble codes. Even a slight misalignment can have serious consequences:

Glass Calibration Explained | TechZone Auto

The TechZone Difference

TechZone Auto provides full service ADAS windshield camera calibration – we have been doing ADAS calibrations since 2005. We offer both dynamic and static calibrations at our convenient Concord, Ca and Fairfield, Ca facilities. We work with most vehicles and models, and have an up-to-date database of manufacturer calibration specifications, as they differ between makes and models.

We Want to Partner with Your Glass Shop

If you are an auto glass installer, TechZone Auto would like to become your ADAS calibration partner. We have state-of-the-art calibration equipment and technicians trained to the highest standards.

ADAS is impacting auto glass industry:

  • Insurance and Manufacturers are mandating calibrations
  • NHTSA has mandated all vehicles manufactured after 2022 have ADAS capabilities, up to 50% of vehicles by 2025 will require calibration after work has been completed.
  • ADAS calibration demands highly trained ADAS calibration technicians
  • ADAS requires expensive, specialized equipment to achieve precise calibration

TechZone can provide your shop with full service auto glass ADAS calibrations. We provide rapid turnaround time, and perform both dynamic and static calibration as specified by OEMs. ADAS calibration is covered by Windshield Claim – if the windshield is covered by insurance, so is ADAS recalibration.

Our technicians are experts, they perform hundreds of calibrations per month at our Concord, Ca and Fairfield, Ca facilities – let us do professional ADAS calibration for you, so your technicians can focus on their areas of expertise, and  work more billable hours. Our goal is to reduce your cycle time while providing professional ADAS calibration - hundreds of Bay Area glass and collision shops trust us. We have been working on ADAS systems since 2005 - let TechZone work for you!