Hybrid Battery Replacement in Concord, CA

Hybrid Battery Replacement | TechZone Auto

If the hybrid battery in your vehicle needs replacement, TechZone Auto in Concord offers full service high voltage battery replacement throughout the Bay Area. We are the premier Concord hybrid battery replacement specialists. Whether your Toyota Prius needs a new hybrid battery, or your Honda Accord Hybrid indicates it’s time to replace the high voltage battery, you can count on our certified technicians to do it right - the first time.

At TechZone Automotive we not only provide hybrid battery replacement for individual vehicle owners – we are also the go-to specialists that hundreds of collision shops rely on when it comes to making safe repairs with high voltage systems, disconnecting, and reconnecting high voltage hybrid batteries, hybrid battery removal and replacement. Thanks to the volume of high voltage battery work we perform, we have accumulated unmatched level of experience working with hybrid vehicle batteries.

Hybrid batteries are some of the most reliable systems in your hybrid vehicle. They have no moving parts, so are not subject to mechanical failures. However, sooner or later, the hybrid battery in your vehicle will no longer be capable of holding sufficient charge and will need to be replaced.

Typical signs that the hybrid battery is nearing the end of its useful life include hybrid system warning light, reduced fuel economy, and regular gasoline engine running constantly.

When it comes to hybrid battery replacement, we recommend using Original Equipment Manufacturer hybrid battery. While there are aftermarket batteries, and while theoretically it is possible to just replace failing cells within your current hybrid battery, and while it is also possible to install used hybrid battery pack, in practice these solutions do not work well. We have found that aftermarket batteries tend to die soon after warranty expiration and used batteries or individual cell replacement are only a short-term fix – there is no way to estimate when more cells will fail, putting you back at square one. That’s why we recommend using brand new, original manufacturer hybrid batteries.

So, if your hybrid vehicle needs hybrid battery replacement, call TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions in Concord. We offer superior customer service combined with unmatched technical skills. Have your vehicle’s hybrid battery replaced by the Bay Area’s top hybrid battery replacement specialists.