Diagnostics & Programming in Concord, CA

Diagnostics & Programming in Concord, CA | TechZone Auto

Automotive electronics and systems have increased in complexity and continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Improve your cycle-times by having a local expert assist when you need diagnostic support. TechZone is on your side.

Maximize productivity and Cycle, TechZone will help you save time and increase productivity. Scanning and diagnostics on the same call. No need to shuttle cars. Allow your staff to spend more time working on what they do best. Let your concerns be ours.


Pre and Post Scanning with OEM level Equipment

  • Complete System diagnostics, programming, and calibrations
  • Electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • One call does it all, no online forms, no call backs, just great service
  • Control your repair and cycle, Techzone saves you time and money


Is Your Service the Same as the Dealer?

Yes and no. We use the same OEM tools so you get a dealer level scan, but the difference is your convenience. Our mobile technicians come to your shop and scan the cars in your bay. The cars never need to leave your shop.

Do I Need to Provide Scan Tools or a Tech?

No. Our technicians bring their tools to your shop and they do the scans. You don’t need to do anything but call and schedule service.

Do You Provide Phone or Internet Diagnostics?

No. TechZone service is a full-service sublet. Our technicians come to your shop and do the work so you can use your technicians for other jobs.