Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Service in Concord, CA

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Service in Concord, CA | TechZone Auto

At TechZone Auto in Concord we have been servicing hybrid and electric vehicles since they hit the road. Hybrid vehicles contain additional electronics and high voltage batteries that can cause difficulty for less experienced technicians. Some technicians simply do not feel comfortable working with high voltages.

TechZone has been a trusted electrical and safety system repair facility for over a quarter of a century. We have been working on hybrids ever since they appeared on our roads. Our technicians have in-depth training and broad experience working with automotive electrical systems and hybrid high voltage systems. We have extensive hybrid experience, and our network of technicians share information about specific makes and models, increasing service efficiency and avoiding expensive mistakes.

We work on hybrids for individual owners, but we also work with other shops offering sublet service. This results in a volume of hybrid work that allows us to hone our hybrid skills and allowed us to build an extensive database of best approaches to hybrid service and repairs. We have broad hybrid and electric vehicle experience ranging from Toyota Prius, to Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota and Honda Hybrids, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Tesla, and exotic all-electric performance vehicles.


  • We disable and enable high voltage systems for safe repair
  • Removal and replacement of high voltage batteries for collision work to be safely completed
  • Initialization of hybrid and electric systems
  • Removal and replacement of high-voltage inverters

TechZone offers sublet services for collision shops, auto repair shops, as well as individual vehicle services for owners of hybrid and electric vehicles. If you are dealing with a hybrid or electric vehicle that requires extensive and complex electrical work, contact us online, or call us at the shop.