San Francisco Bay Area Car Theft & Vandalism Repairs

Repairs TechZone Auto has been fixing car theft recovery vehicles for a quarter of a century. We are Bay Area’s premier specialists in bringing damaged vehicles back to life. Everything inside the vehicle – “inside the glass” - can be repaired by our technicians. So whether a vehicle suffered damage to the ignition switch, steering column, dashboard or electrical system, we can fix the damage and make the vehicle roadworthy again. Sometimes even though the thieves failed to steal the vehicle, they caused damage to the electrical system or ignition system. At times airbag electronics get damaged, or the airbags themselves get stolen. Our technicians can get your vehicle repaired, and they will get it right the first time. Technician skill and experience is particularly important when it comes to repairing airbag / SRS systems and programming them. This is not a job for amateurs or technicians that see airbag system repair from time to time. We offer sublet serv ... read more

San Francisco Bay Area Car Rodent Damage Repair

At TechZone Auto we are auto electrical system specialists, so it’s natural for us to provide rodent damage repairs for autos, SUVs and pickup trucks. Thanks to the  COVID restrictions, all kinds of wildlife significantly increased in numbers between 2020 and 2023 – and so did rodent population. Rodents are naturally attracted to parked vehicles, and if the vehicle is not moved for a long time, it makes a perfect rodent hotel. They love the dry, quiet place, and all kinds of cool electrical wiring to gnaw on. Rodent damage has also increased because major car manufacturers, including Honda, Subaru and Toyota, now use soy-based bioplastic for electric wire insulation – it’s supposed to be good for the environment, and apparently rodents find it quite tasty. So thanks to the bio-plastic insulation cars are even more attractive to rodents – mice, squirrels, rats, and rabbits. As they gnaw their way through vehicle’s electrical systems, they can c ... read more

San Francisco Bay Area Automotive Connector Pigtails

TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions in Concord offers broad range of auto electrical repairs including rodent damage, water damage and wire harness repairs. As a result we are often in need of components that are hard to find, including connector pigtails. Since we serve both retail customer and collision shops, over the years we have had to develop sources of connector pigtails for a wide range of makes and models. Our suppliers have been vetted by us, and we have used their components in thousands of vehicles. So if you are looking for hard to find connector pigtails, call TechZone in Concord. Our specialists can assess your needs and will likely find just the pigtails you are looking for. If you own a collision shop, we also offer ADAS calibration, wire harness repairs, and Airbag / SRS service – you can sublet the work to us, reduce cycle time, and have your employees work more billable hours. Call TechZone Auto today!  

San Francisco Bay Area Wire Harness Repair

At TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions we are not only ADAS specialists, but can also handle complicated  wire harness repairs. Wiring harness repair can reduce claim severity, and has been known to save a total loss vehicle.  Our technicians can perform on-vehicle harness repair at your location, or we can do it at our shop. Either way you avoid removing and shipping the harness cross-country to a remanufacturing facility – you will save days off your cycle time. OEMs have made available repair bulletins that support wire harness repairs according to their procedures. As a matter of fact, BMW says that they see fewer overall problems when the harness is repaired, not replaced. That’s because harness replacement is such an invasive procedure. At TechZone, about 80% of harness repairs are done on the vehicle, saving cycle time and it also helps to reduce severity.  In our experience, most vehicle harnesses can be repaired, on-vehicle, to the OEM standards ... read more

San Francisco Bay Area ADAS Calibration

TechZone Auto has been providing San Francisco Bay Area ADAS calibration services to individual vehicle owners and to hundreds of Bay Area collision repair shops for over a decade. Every year ADAS equipment manufacturers promise “new and improved” tools that will make ADAS calibration fast and easy. So far these promises remain unfulfilled. ADAS calibration is a highly technical process that requires specialized equipment and highly skilled ADAS technicians. At TechZone Auto we specialize in Bay Area ADAS calibrations – each generation of automobiles comes with more sensors and more sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. As the number of ADAS system increases, so does importance of correct calibrations – incorrectly calibrated ADAS systems are, at best, an annoyance, and at worst, can  become a safety hazard. Whether we are dealing with Blind Spot Monitoring, Automatic Emergency Braking, Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep A ... read more


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