AIRBAGS / SRS Repair in Concord, CA

Airbags and SRS repairs in Concord,CA | TechZone Auto

TechZone Auto in Concord has been the trusted airbag sublet to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area collision industry for over 25 years. We built our reputation by providing specialized services to our collision industry clients, so they can deliver to customer a safe repair – on time and on budget. We provide mobile services at your shop, so you avoid towing expense and reduce cycle time.

Airbags and other SRS components are some of the most advanced systems on the motor vehicle. Given their life-and-death importance, these are not areas where you want to work outside of your area of expertise. Diagnostics can be difficult, since crash patterns are unique. TechZone Auto can provide your shop with high quality airbag / SRS services when you need them the most.

Because of our reputation, insurance industry calls on us to inspect repairs performed by other shops. Don’t wait for the end of the job – call us up front for a professional evaluation and upfront estimate.

Wrong or Missing Parts delay Airbag System Repairs

Our technicians can perform detailed and itemized diagnostics that give you correct parts list up front. With correct parts you save money and time. Our technicians have worked with thousands of vehicles - as your sublet, we bring this experience to you, and on your schedule. You keep your cycle time down, while the vehicle owner gets an airbag system ready to deploy and keep the driver and the passengers safe when needed.


TechZone has been servicing airbags for close to thirty years, and we bring this experience to every job:

  • Full Service Sublet – highly trained and experienced technicians who come to your shop and bring their own tools
  • Acceleration, latitudinal, and longitudinal sensor calibrations
  • Repair and replacement of all manufactured systems
  • Airbag controller programming and set-up
  • Occupant classification system calibrations

At TechZone we use the same OEM scan tools as the dealer, but you get convenience, expertise, and service that dealers cannot or will not match. Our mobile technicians come to your shop, and in addition to extensive experience, have access to a vast database of past airbag/SRS repairs – this allows them to complete the job faster, and with assurance that it is done right.

All these advantages make it more likely that the sublet will be cleared by insurance – though it does depend on the repair complexity, the insurance company, and the insurance adjuster.

Whether you need assistance because your tech is out sick, or you need experts to do complex airbag / SRS programming and calibrations, give us a call – we are happy to be of service.