Rodent and Water Wiring Damage Repair in Concord, CA

Rodent Damage in Concord, CA | TechZone Auto

TechZone Auto is the cutting edge wire harness replacement and wiring harness repair shop in Concord. Since we are electrical system specialists, it is natural for us to offer rodents and water wiring damage repair services.

Rodents are naturally attracted to vehicles, particularly ones that are not moved for extended periods of time – such vehicles provide a safe and dry place to hang out or build a nest. Being rodents, they gnaw on things – in particular, on electrical wiring, car interiors, etc.

Rodent wiring damage has always been a problem, but the last few years it has greatly increased due to many car manufacturers ( Honda, Toyota, Kia, Subaru) replacing regular, petroleum based wire insulation with soy-based bioplastic – which apparently is quite tasty, from a rodent perspective.

Manufacturers decided to use bioplastics in order to save money, as they are less expensive, and also to be more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it turned out that environmental friendliness can go too far – bioplastic wiring insulation attracts rats, mice, squirrels, and even rabbits. The problem is so widespread that several class action lawsuits have been filed.

You can imagine how many systems in a modern car rely on electrical power going through the wiring harness – entertainment system, ADAS systems, all the embedded computers and sensors, signal lights, head lights, tail lights, power windows, ac system, heating system – they all need electricity to function. Depending on the model, there can literally be a mile of electrical wiring in a modern vehicle.

At TechZone Auto in Concord we specialize in repair of rodent and water damage to vehicle electrical wiring, including interior wiring and interiors in general. When you bring your vehicle to our Concord wiring repair shop we will:

  • Remove the rodents and their nests
  • Replaced damaged interior components
  • Mold and mildew abatement
  • Inspect your vehicle and diagnose any damage
  • Provide you with a written repair estimate
  • Perform wiring repairs you approve
  • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize vehicle interior

So if your vehicle suffers from electrical issues, you left your windows or sunroof open in a rainstorm or you have seen signs that little critters have been calling it home, bring your vehicle to TechZone Auto and we will get your car repaired, sanitized, and ready for the road. For your convenience, you can contact us on the web, or simply give us a call.