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San Francisco Bay Area Automotive Connector Pigtails

TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions in Concord offers broad range of auto electrical repairs including rodent damage, water damage and wire harness repairs. As a result we are often in need of components that are hard to find, including connector pigtails. Since we serve both retail customer and collision shops, over the years we have had to develop sources of connector pigtails for a wide range of makes and models. Our suppliers have been vetted by us, and we have used their components in thousands of vehicles. So if you are looking for hard to find connector pigtails, call TechZone in Concord. Our specialists can assess your needs and will likely find just the pigtails you are looking for. If you own a collision shop, we also offer ADAS calibration, wire harness repairs, and Airbag / SRS service – you can sublet the work to us, reduce cycle time, and have your employees work more billable hours. Call TechZone Auto today!  

Auto Electrical System and Wiring Harness Water Damage Repair in Contra Costa County and Solano County

Water damage seems like an unlikely event in Contra Costa County or Solano County, yet every year cars suffer from water damage and resulting wiring problems. While floods are the most spectacular way that a car’s electrical system can be compromised by water, sunroof leaks and windshield leaks can lead to electrical system water damage as well. At TechZone Auto in Concord, CA we specialize in remediation and repair of water damage to automobile electrical system, and in particular to wiring harness. Electricity and water don’t mix – well, they do, but with highly undesirable consequences. At TechZone Auto we have decades of experience bringing auto electrical systems back to life. Our highly trained technicians possess superb diagnostic and repair skills. Many vehicle electrical repair projects can get sidetracked, and sometimes derailed, by lack of correct parts. We provide our technicians not only with state-of-the-art training and tools, bu ... read more