Wheel Alignment

TechZone specializes in collision based wheel alignments. This is important because of the type of damage that occurs when in an accident, suspension can be severely damage due to the accident; bending, breaking, and moving suspension components and sub frame cradles. We have state of the art equipment to deal with these catastrophic looses.  

Advananced driving assist systems require that the alignment be correct to properly operate. TechZone is an expert when it comes to ADAS calibrations and advanced driving system diagnostics. It all starts with a 4 wheel alignment of the cars suspension.

Making sure that your wheel alignment is correct is one of the most important things you can do to properly care for your tires. A poorly aligned car will unevenly wear your tires at an alarming rate. If left uncorrected, you may need to buy new tires much sooner than anticipated! Our certified service team would like to invite you to our shop for a wheel alignment service that could extend the life of your tires.

The actual wheel alignment itself doesn’t just involve the wheels or tires, it includes adjusting the vehicle’s suspension systems. Our team knows how to adjust these sophisticated systems so that your car drives with exceptional precision. Here is a list of a few things which may be signs that you need a wheel alignment:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Drifting to one side or another on the road while driving straight
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Proper operation of advanced driver assist systems
  • A requirement of most manufactures prior to ADAS calibrations

Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, you may still need a wheel alignment as part of your warranty agreement. Come see our local auto repair center for a wheel alignment!