The tech did his job, but Rob the person I spoke with the day before, didn't even mention to me after I told him my mechanic diagnosed the OPDS sensor that this had been recalled. I think that is pretty shady of him not to have said something like "Before I charge you $125 check for a Service bulletin recalling the OPDS sensor". After all he is an airbag "expert". I think it is pretty shady and that is why I am taking the time to write this review. It is only one person's opinion and you can take it anyway you want, but I hope this helps you decide whether you would use AIRBAG SERVICE.COM. I am giving them two stars and not one because they did do what they said they would do in a fairly timely manner. I am also a business owner and try to do my best to save my customers the most I can when they are trusting me to do so. I took it to Acura and they repaired everything FREE of charge and even gave me a loaner after they mistakenly called me to pick up my car when it was not completed. Their diagnostic charge was $155 and that was waived when they found out that the OPDS sensor was bad, due to the recall. On September 9th I received a call from Matt the owner of the company. He explained a few things to me and I explained a few to him, after our long conversation we concluded we agreed that there was a major misunderstanding on both of our parts. He offered a full refund and apologized for the misunderstanding as I did. I just wish we could have resolved this long before I had to post a crappy review. Matt made things right by making the call and it was much appreciated. He understands like myself that independently owned business rely on their reputations, trust and customer service for revenue and future business.


I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla for which the airbag light came on at about 100,000 miles. All online advice seemed to say get it checked out by the dealer. The DIY advice required excessive tinkering and the purchase of a code scanner (different from the check engine light scanner), and so I went to the Toyota Dealer. DONT DO THIS. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE. They looked at it and told me that I needed to replace the air bag assembly - over a thousand dollars - no explanations - just a couple of error codes and a recommendation to replace the air bag assembly. I wasn't quite convinced and after some googling came across airbagservice.com and decided to get a second opinion. They seemed quite trustworthy from their reviews and the website. When I called, I happened to speak to Matt the owner who was very polite and told me about their mobile service where they could drive to your place to do the diagnostic. Since I live in San Jose, I took it and promptly the next day they were over. He checked it out, and after about a half hour, clearly explained to me what the probably issues were and the current and history codes that were showing up. In addition to trying to find what the issue was also looking to see what might have caused it, since the codes that were coming up were rare for a Toyota. He said he was going to troubleshoot a little more. Twenty minutes later he tells me that he has fixed the issue. It was continuity problem in the squib circuit, and cleaning the circuit took care of it. He charged me nothing more than the mobile consultation fee (under a hundred and fifty bucks). All the time while he was there and I spoke with him, he seemed professional, knowledgable, and genuine and communicative. I was very pleased with the service, professionalism and the fact that he saved me over a thousand bucks. Moral of the story: Air bag issues - go here, and don't go to the dealers, dealers only want to screw you by making you buy parts.