Automobile Rodent Damage Electrical Repair in Contra Costa County

Rodent damage to automobile wiring systems and hoses is surprisingly common in the Bay Area. TechZone Auto in Concord, Contra Costa County specializes in auto rodent damage remediation and repair, with particular emphasis on the automobile electrical wiring harness repair.

An automobile can be an inviting, warm and dry place for a rodent nest. During the shutdown last year cars were not used much, so rodents found undisturbed environment to build their nests.

Car manufacturers unwittingly contributed to the problem – rodents love to chew on the new, soy based, electrical wiring insulation that is used by a number of manufacturers. While the soy based insulation is more environmentally friendly, rodents also find it very tasty. As a result, incidences of chewed-on auto electrical systems are on the rise.

Our Concord, Ca auto repair facility employs technicians with extensive auto electrical system repair experience. Our technicians are also equipped with state-of-the-art digital tools to diagnose and repair electrical problems your car may exhibit.

An added advantage of having TechZone Auto repair your vehicle’s electrical wiring harness is that we have extensive network of suppliers who can provide us with hard-to-find electrical connectors and electrical pigtails – correct components make timely repairs possible.

So if your vehicle became a new home for mice, rats or squirrels, give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer questions you have about electrical system repairs, and they can set up an appointment right on the phone.