San Francisco Bay Area ADAS Calibration

TechZone Auto has been providing San Francisco Bay Area ADAS calibration services to individual vehicle owners and to hundreds of Bay Area collision repair shops for over a decade. Every year ADAS equipment manufacturers promise “new and improved” tools that will make ADAS calibration fast and easy. So far these promises remain unfulfilled. ADAS calibration is a highly technical process that requires specialized equipment and highly skilled ADAS technicians.

At TechZone Auto we specialize in Bay Area ADAS calibrations – each generation of automobiles comes with more sensors and more sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. As the number of ADAS system increases, so does importance of correct calibrations – incorrectly calibrated ADAS systems are, at best, an annoyance, and at worst, can  become a safety hazard. Whether we are dealing with Blind Spot Monitoring, Automatic Emergency Braking, Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist, or over a dozen of other driver assistance systems, proper calibration is vital.

In order to provide superior Bay Area ADAS programming and calibration services, we continue to invest in cutting-edge digital tools, as well as advanced training for our technicians. We invest in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) scan tools, obtain access to the latest OEM calibration procedures, as well as the latest OEM calibration targets and hardware. For collision shops we can also provide manufactures statement documentation, as well as ADAS diagnostics and component programming. We offer both dynamic and static ADAS calibration services.

Whether you own a vehicle in need of ADAS calibration, or you own a glass or collision shop, if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for superior ADAS calibration and programming service, contact TechZone Auto today.


ADAS calibration