San Francisco Bay Area Car Rodent Damage Repair

At TechZone Auto we are auto electrical system specialists, so it’s natural for us to provide rodent damage repairs for autos, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Thanks to the  COVID restrictions, all kinds of wildlife significantly increased in numbers between 2020 and 2023 – and so did rodent population. Rodents are naturally attracted to parked vehicles, and if the vehicle is not moved for a long time, it makes a perfect rodent hotel. They love the dry, quiet place, and all kinds of cool electrical wiring to gnaw on. Rodent damage has also increased because major car manufacturers, including Honda, Subaru and Toyota, now use soy-based bioplastic for electric wire insulation – it’s supposed to be good for the environment, and apparently rodents find it quite tasty.

So thanks to the bio-plastic insulation cars are even more attractive to rodents – mice, squirrels, rats, and rabbits. As they gnaw their way through vehicle’s electrical systems, they can cause malfunctions of the ADAS systems, embedded computers, sensors, signal lights, tail lights, car ac and heating system, and the entertainment system as well.

At TechZone Auto we offer residents of the San Francisco Bay Are a friendly place where we can take care of the rodent created problems in your car – we will evict the rodents if they are still there, and repair any damage they caused. After repairs are completed, we will also clean and sanitize interior of your vehicle. You can find more details on our auto rodent repair page.

So if rodents made a nest in your car, or you suspect that they have been dropping in to dine on your vehicle’s electrical system, call TechZone Auto.