San Francisco Bay Area Car Theft & Vandalism Repairs


TechZone Auto has been fixing car theft recovery vehicles for a quarter of a century. We are Bay Area’s premier specialists in bringing damaged vehicles back to life. Everything inside the vehicle – “inside the glass” - can be repaired by our technicians. So whether a vehicle suffered damage to the ignition switch, steering column, dashboard or electrical system, we can fix the damage and make the vehicle roadworthy again.

Sometimes even though the thieves failed to steal the vehicle, they caused damage to the electrical system or ignition system. At times airbag electronics get damaged, or the airbags themselves get stolen. Our technicians can get your vehicle repaired, and they will get it right the first time. Technician skill and experience is particularly important when it comes to repairing airbag / SRS systems and programming them. This is not a job for amateurs or technicians that see airbag system repair from time to time. We offer sublet services to hundreds of Bay Area’s collision shops, so our technicians have extensive airbag / SRS system repair and programming experience and they repair these systems frequently, and across a wide range of vehicles, both imported and domestic. For more information about our vehicle recovery repair procedures visit our auto theft recovery repairs page.

So if you have a vehicle that needs post-theft or post-vandalism repairs, reach out to us online, on our website, or call our shop directly.