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San Francisco Bay Area Wire Harness Repair

At TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions we are not only ADAS specialists, but can also handle complicated  wire harness repairs. Wiring harness repair can reduce claim severity, and has been known to save a total loss vehicle.  Our technicians can perform on-vehicle harness repair at your location, or we can do it at our shop. Either way you avoid removing and shipping the harness cross-country to a remanufacturing facility – you will save days off your cycle time. OEMs have made available repair bulletins that support wire harness repairs according to their procedures. As a matter of fact, BMW says that they see fewer overall problems when the harness is repaired, not replaced. That’s because harness replacement is such an invasive procedure. At TechZone, about 80% of harness repairs are done on the vehicle, saving cycle time and it also helps to reduce severity.  In our experience, most vehicle harnesses can be repaired, on-vehicle, to the OEM standards ... read more