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Airbags and SRS repairs in Solano County, CA

Airbags and SRS repairs in Solano County, CA TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions in Fairfield offers trusted airbag and SRS repairs sublet to the Solano County collision industry – whether you own a collision shop in Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville, or anywhere else in the Solano County, we can provide you with specialized Airbags and SRS services. TechZone Automotive can provide your shop with mobile airbags and SRS services, so you save time, and towing expenses. Because crash patterns are unique, diagnostics can be difficult – we are airbag/SRS specialists, and can provide your shop with additional throughput and expertise. We work with hundreds of Bay Area collision shops, and have extensive experience and access to correct parts. Call us for up front evaluation and estimate – correct parts list at the beginning of a job means time savings, and faster turnaround for your customers. At TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions we have been servicing airbags f ... read more

ADAS Calibration in Solano County, CA

ADAS Calibration in Solano County, CA   TechZone Automotive Technical Solutions in Fairfield, CA offers comprehensive ADAS calibration services for Solano County clients – whether you own an auto body and collision repair shop, an automotive glass shop, or a mechanical repair shop, we can provide your business with full service ADAS calibrations. We offer ADAS calibrations for individual vehilce owners as well. TechZone Auto in Fairfield offers both dynamic and static ADAS calibrations. Dynamic calibrations (and some static calibrations as well) can be performed at your shop by our mobile technicians. Our Solano County, Fairfield ADAS service center is used for more complex static calibrations. We have over 25 year of experience and can be your one-stop Solano County ADAS calibration and programming facility. TechZone Auto is the premier Solano County ADAS calibration shop. As the ADAS world changes rapidly, our technicians undergo regular training to stay at the cutting ... read more

Auto Electrical System and Wiring Harness Water Damage Repair in Contra Costa County and Solano County

Water damage seems like an unlikely event in Contra Costa County or Solano County, yet every year cars suffer from water damage and resulting wiring problems. While floods are the most spectacular way that a car’s electrical system can be compromised by water, sunroof leaks and windshield leaks can lead to electrical system water damage as well. At TechZone Auto in Concord, CA we specialize in remediation and repair of water damage to automobile electrical system, and in particular to wiring harness. Electricity and water don’t mix – well, they do, but with highly undesirable consequences. At TechZone Auto we have decades of experience bringing auto electrical systems back to life. Our highly trained technicians possess superb diagnostic and repair skills. Many vehicle electrical repair projects can get sidetracked, and sometimes derailed, by lack of correct parts. We provide our technicians not only with state-of-the-art training and tools, bu ... read more

Automobile Rodent Damage Electrical Repair in Contra Costa County

Rodent damage to automobile wiring systems and hoses is surprisingly common in the Bay Area. TechZone Auto in Concord, Contra Costa County specializes in auto rodent damage remediation and repair, with particular emphasis on the automobile electrical wiring harness repair. An automobile can be an inviting, warm and dry place for a rodent nest. During the shutdown last year cars were not used much, so rodents found undisturbed environment to build their nests. Car manufacturers unwittingly contributed to the problem – rodents love to chew on the new, soy based, electrical wiring insulation that is used by a number of manufacturers. While the soy based insulation is more environmentally friendly, rodents also find it very tasty. As a result, incidences of chewed-on auto electrical systems are on the rise. Our Concord, Ca auto repair facility employs technicians with extensive auto electrical system repair experience. Our technicians are als ... read more